Oil Prices Unaffected by Egypt

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  1. Hi. Just wondering why can’t I download interviews as MP3s any more? That’s the only convenient way for me to follow Howe Street’s excellent news output. Hope this is sorted soon.

    Many thanks


  2. oilslicker

    Mr. Katusa is very well versed, as well as Doug Casey, in unconventional oil extraction techniques. I have also heard positive news on the key geology team associated with East-West Petroleum. Apparently they already own a percentage of oil producing fields in Egypt, and are actively spreading their geographic base by entertaining work in other countries, such as Romania. As the global total oil reserves for extraction continue to decline, these techniques will become immensely popular “to get every drop possible”. Based on my own research and the recommendations of Mr Katusa and Mr. Casey, I have also recently become heavily invested in the company.

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