This Week in Money

  • Peter Schiff - Gold may look expensive now but it’s not about to go down anytime soon.
  • Doug Casey -  Unrest in the middle east, food costs and oil prices and where he thinks this is going to take us.
  • Dr. Michael Berry -  Junior Resources companies and Rare Earth Metals.
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6 Comments for “This Week in Money”

  1. Hearing Doug Casey has me mulling an observation I have yet to resolve.

    Labor unions have been shrinking. Business is less physical than it was. Can’t sit-down strike distributed computer systems. Businesses themselves are shrinking as the inefficiency of too-big-to-survive bureaucracies are hollowed by technology.

    When The USA switched from mediating to managing affairs of citizens, they in effect became both blue collar union and corporate management. They became both extortionist and gluttonous. They are self destructive.

    Governments are mortal, most die of suicide.

    As awkward as it sounds; we empowered them, so their fate is likely our own. Just as Christians might view Hell as Satan’s punishment, and by choice people follow him to it. US voters by lack of perception and restraint have chosen destruction, following our national leadership in digging designer graves.

  2. Speak for yourself, Allan. I didn’t vote for any of those people who are currently wrecking America. Have the actions of others somehow relieved me of my innocence in the gigantic socioeconomic scam being perpetrated?

  3. Ryan, Thanks. I’m talking about the nation as a whole, or as a hole. A point worth adding is someone like yourself is not restrained to sitting and waiting for fate. We can walk past the shovels and leave; financially first and physically before it is required.

    If you have to leave, you waited too long.

  4. Geez Stirling, can’t you talk normally without pumping up every sentence like a marine drill instructor? Your listeners are not a brick short of a load. Otherwise a great broadcast, especially Doug Casey.Thank you.

  5. Here are two must see videos:

    The Money Masters – 3 1/2 hrs. – Reveals how the Federal Reserve is draining the wealth from our economy. See this video at

    The Crash Course – 3 hrs. – Explains the interrelationship of our three major problems; The economy, energy, and the environment. See this video at

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