Get Off The Cornice

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Oil, gold and silver still in play… but for how long?

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  1. What I am telling is that Bob Hoye has been a worst timer of the stock market since last August. Before that he did good job.
    If you lost money by listened to his interview or their newsletter, then that is your own problem.
    If you read Stan Weinstein and Nicolas Darvas, you should know that using newsletters to invest is a dangerous way that never works. You need to conduct your own research to invest.

  2. jimmy smith

    Bob and others like him are entertainers/fortune tellers, they are their to take “THE DUMB MONEYS MONEY” that why they are rich, do you really think GS, JP Morgan or any other financial institution pays for Hoyes companys’ humor pages…you want tomake money in the stock markets, you cannot do it by listening to s snake oil salesman once a week that likes to talk in riddles and discuss his car

    do some hmework and get a methodology and wait for the dumb money to get real excited about the markets again…soemtime late 2012 or early 2013

  3. Innovisual

    Bob it must be great to be so popular with Boneheads who don’t understand what your work is . . .

    To the people who don’t believe we are in a deflationary period . . . you’re nuts. How else could the Fed push 4 billion a day into the market and get little to nothing for it. or Why else would the Fed be pushing out 4 billion a day. The way stimulus works is you push out 4 billion and get 40 or 60 billion worth of economic activity like before the Housing bubble

    My condolences Bob you’ve somehow attracted a vocal ignorant element.

    • The crowd may be ignorant but guess who’s making money? When you play the markets, ignorance is bliss. Bottom line; if you have done exactly as Bob has been advocating since the spring of 2009, you have lost money. There is no way to sugar coat this.

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