Relief Rally!

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Commodities pop as the dollar drops

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  1. bernakealltheway

    Hoye what the heck is going on……it is now 2 trading days away from JUNE 2011 and you called the top in APRIL 2009, MAY 2009, JUNE 2009………SEPT. 2009…..APRIL 2010, MAY 2010, …….NOV. 2010…..FEB. 2011, MARCH 2011, APRIL 2011, MAY 2011…..when you look at your track record, well the record speaks for itself….nothing left to say, you should pay more attention to Ross Clarks ideas and work


    I gotta a feeling MARTIN ARMSTRONGS work is going to be pretty accurate, that s right the one that
    was in jail and is now out, read his stuff, it free and on the net, he is looking for trend changes in June 13, 2011

  2. bernakealltheway

    Oh yeah, one more thing….

    the cumulative advance/decline line ….spitting distance of an all-time high and so no stock market crash for atleast 4-6 months, for those who want to follow this ONE OF MANY IMPORTANT INDICATORS, the link is below, all the evidence is not there for a major market top$NYA.htm

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