Bait & Switch

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The movement of oil from Alberta to the BC Coast.


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  1. sunwindsolar

    “…probably never really be cleaned up…” “…fish are they…” I think, in these two comments Delores sums the problem with moving black guck across a clean environment…we are simply making a mess of what we have been given. As she notes, we don’t necessarily do it on purpose, but short cuts and accidents DO happen. I would agree with her that the battles around black guck supply will be bigger than the deforestation of NorthWestern North America, with more greed and power arrayed against what is after all just common sense. Perhaps we will hear about temporary jobs, how important they are, as we despoil the planet further. Though, interesting to note in an article read earlier today about mountain top removal, that the wind energy sector of the US, small as it is for percentage of energy supply, employs more people than coal, which provides 46% of US electrical power. But, to show how obvious it must appear to energy investors that great amounts of black guck can be moved by rail cars, check out the coal cars:

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