Metals Take A Break

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Gold, silver pull back for the next leg up.

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10 Comments for “Metals Take A Break”

  1. gold has found support around $1550. What is the next step? Consolidate for how many months then take off for new high?

    Thanks a ton.

  2. are you sure about the Gold Stocks Ross ??

  3. One compare GDXJ with Amazon or Apple Inc.

  4. About 80% of the individual GDXJ stocks charts, point to catastrophic downside levels. ( 2008 levels and beyond )

  5. Silver is down from $50 to $26. Ross, do you think we might go below $18?

  6. Goldragon …why do you ask if silver goes to $ 18 when Ross just said $ 23 – to $ 27 ?
    Anyways, I started to listen to Ross for some weeks now … I think he does awesome work .
    Very easy to listen too .. no jambojumbo … very accurate and timely stuff .
    Simple a joy .
    Thanks Ross .



    Guys, calm DOWN. Drink a Heineken,
    My old man runs a firm
    I will ask him his advice on stocks.

  8. Ross does excellent work

  9. Hello Ross. hello Phil – thank you for your weekly commentary and congratulations on the great work. I always follow the charts and I find it very frustrating that the parameters for various indicators (MAs, Bollinger) are not marked. Sometimes, you annotate the chart indicating which MA is the red line, or the green line, etc. Wouldn’t be possible for you to change the settings of your platform such as the parameters are always displayed? Thank you.

  10. GDXJ is flying , 2006 levels….

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