Shooting The Rapids

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Economists warn of rough times ahead… no kidding!


4 Comments for “Shooting The Rapids”

  1. HI Bob- Are still short long term US treasurys?

  2. still waiting for the big deflation with u bob.

  3. Hey Bob, how’s that silver short position at $14 still holding up!?

  4. Silver Bug with fewer typos!

    Well I think Bob ought to be pretty happy with his forecasts lately! His momentum peak forecaster did the trick, a bit late but it did the trick. If you take Bob at face value, then in 2007 his monentum peak forecaster forecast the stock and credit market top but it took a long time gold and silver to top in March 2008 and for oil to top in about May 2008.So we just had to wait for everything to go belly up over time. Be patient. It’s happening. We gold bugs expecting gold to streak to $2000 are feeling a bit washed out right now. And Ben isn’t printing. He is just twistin’ the yield curve, which is barely above neutral gear. I am writing this on 23 Sept and silver has broken down well and truly, on the way to $21? In 2008 it went to the last major high which was 8 and a half back then but $21 is the magnet this time. Maybe it won’t get there.

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