This Week in Money

  • Martin Armstrong – Economic confidence.
  • David Morgan – Silver update.
  • David Skarica – The week in markets.
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8 Comments for “This Week in Money”

  1. Martin is a GOD!


    The CLUB put him in jail!
    The CLUB are the likes of Bernanke, Rubin, Summers, Cohen, Blankfein, Greenspan, etc
    and they all have one hing in common!

    • Richard Klein

      What about Jamie Dimon, Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner? are they in the club too? What about the other the guy at Bank of America , Lewis I think his name is. You are an anti semite pure and simple.

  3. They are all Catholic? :)

  4. First Martin is not God but he’s right. Second the club is much bigger and includes wanna be prosecutors that have no remorse ” notice they use the word lack of remorse” loosely on others but themselves when they prosecute people without evidence or make things up and call it evidence like cohersed confessions and call it evidence then don’t let them testify or introduce evidence that would point to innocence helped by Judges like the judge Armstrong apparently had. Third it’s not all catholic or Irish to say something like that is ignorant. If you consolidate all these comments some would say why bother with these nitwits. Sorry but thats what it looks like. J F Kennedy was Catholic amd they killed him. The club also includes gov and lobbiests that is selling out our jobs to other countries with back pocket deals and they are doing nothing to bring them back. They only recycle tax dependent jobs like road work ” infrastructure” or grow gov with gov jobs that use scare tactics like keeping you safe while stripping you of your constitutional rights like TSA workers. We need less gov we can solve the problems they created and are creating by letting the same people who caused them to solve them.

  5. Phil,
    Great interview with Mr. Armstrong. Next time you get him on — it would be great to hear his opinion about Canada’s economy and currency in the near term. Also, possible paths for Canada as his new world reserve currency scenario plays out.

    All the best.

    • Great interview? That was useless!! Phil should let some one else do the interview next time. He did not even ask Armstrong on his thoughts on the markets.

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