Euro Action This Weekend!

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Greece votes… again, Spanish bonds set a record


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  1. a retest ? Junior Gold stocks are going to zero ( as always )

    • The juniors are all scams. Stay away from them. The venture exchange is going below 500. Hoye has been wrong for 3 years and if you keep listening to him, you will guaranteed go broke.

  2. Gold shares GDX are in bear market stage IV according to Stan Weistain because price is below 200MA. Only when it builds a bottom then it will start stage I. However, before we comfirm we have the bottom then we are sure we are in stage I.
    in 2008, GDX bottomed in 9/8/2008 @21.50, but after a big rally in half month, it falled down to 15.8 and there is finally bottomed in October. Therefore I think it is difficult to say we are bottomed, I agree with Bob that we should see the testing of the low!
    If this week we can not get QE3, we might go down to test the bottom and we maight go even lower!

  3. It’s June 21….nice bottom we put in gold stocks Bob (sarcasm).

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