The Pain In Spain… Continues

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Bond yields climb as credit rating slumps


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  1. Well when something very bad happen to the Eurozone, the G2: China and the U.S will print money like you never know before just to save themselves from imminent political and social death. They can’t care about the future when they don’t have today.

  2. electronic money can be expanded at will and is represented by paper fiat currency. Inflated paper currency can ultimately be useful as toilet paper or just for starting camp fires and of course, you can not eat it either. I know of a certain food chain or two that do make their burger buns from something that closely resembles a form of inflated paper currency so perhaps I stand corrected on my previous assumption.
    Now take silver for example. You can drink it in a form called colloidal silver to treat certain ailments as was done prior to the invention of penicillin and since penicillin has been rammed down the throats of every living thing known to man, it simply does not work any more.
    Silver is now being used to treat super bugs in hospitals. Did you know that silver is both anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Silver is being used to treat the door knobs in hospitals and also used to treat hospital linen and water filters.
    Silver is used in socks, underwear, sleeping bags, pillow cases, bandaids and many other useful things. It is also used in almost every electronic appliance known to man because it is so reflective and has great electronic conductivity. Thinks mirrors. Thinks LCD. Think laptop. Think cellphone and ever other handheld device know to man. Guess what? Silver is used in kitchen wipes. Most of the nano technology to control odor and bacterial growth in the silver industry is not recoverable at these low prices.
    And there are the morons that say silver is not money. Well kiss my derriere. I’ll bet that your chances of catching a deadly virus are far greater from handling a bankster, inflated, infested fiat dollar of any country are far greater than handling a anti-bacterial, anti-microbial silver dollar from the early sixties. Everyone knows what a silver dollar is and it is respected for the time it was created in and what it can do for you today without some bankster replicating it at taxpayer expense with a computer keystroke and than telling you that commodities are overpriced. Ignore the bullshit and buy silver while it is cheap, cheap, cheap.
    The banksters are con artist. The tax payer is screwed. Protect yourself now. This is my opinion only so please do your own due diligence.

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