Dollar Index And Gold

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Currencies, metals react to Bernanke QE3 comments

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  1. Ross, your analysis is quite impressive and convincing.
    Below your USD chart, if we draw the gold chart during the same time frame, gold should be peaked when USD went from wave 3 to 10 in 1980s and 2001-2003. It looks like we now are in the same situation. Thus I am doubt that we will get higher gold price when USD goes from wave 4, 5, 10. This period will take us to 2015.

  2. Ross’s analysis of the “golden cross” here in 2012 is IMO relatively subjective….

    — since the FED’s massive QE manipulations and the gold manipulations by money center banks such as JPM have radically changed the markets since 2009.

    — and the golden cross in 2008 applied across the board, not just to gold, again implying the current situation is contrived.

    Gold could certainly trade down to the 50 month EMA line, but I believe we would have entered a major deflationary cycle if it does….possible, but perhaps unlikely with the Federal Reserve.

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