Recession? Somebody Tell Bernanke

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Fed chief puts on happy face despite gloomy indicators


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  1. I like Danielle…very straightforward,
    — but I have to disagree with her about Gensler and the CFTC.

    Gensler is an alum of Goldman Sachs, and is another example in a long line of incestuous insiders…
    — who oversee our “regulatory” agencies…who do nothing but wave at irregular and corrupt behavior.

    Gensler isn’t going to do anything to any CFM or regulate the OTC swaps even if the CFTC’s budget was 1 $Trillion.

    If I’m not mistaken, the CFTC’s budget increased about 35% from 2010 from 2011 (latest data available from CFTC)…which suggests their current budget is well north of $250 million.

    How much does Gensler need to do his job? Apparently, $250 million isn’t enough.

    And the SEC’s budget is well north of $1 Billion.

    • SirTalksAlot

      Brooksley Born was “accdently” appointed as CFTC chairman by Clinton, when she turned her attention to the OTC deriviative problem she became a target. Alan Greenspan, Lawrence Summers, and Robert Rubin opposed this and eventually capped off any potential of the CFTC to regulate the “cabal” by installing Gensler. I didn’t know the CFTC needs 35% more money to do even less. It’s hard to beleive how brazen these criminals are.

      I do agree that Danielle Park is very naive but she brings up some good topics.

      My opinion only.

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