Secret China Trade Deal Bad for Canada

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Who is best for Canada…Obama or Romney?


4 Comments for “Secret China Trade Deal Bad for Canada”

  1. How could you actually consider Obama balanced? Putting the American people over $1 trillion further in debt each year. Stealing from them with massive quatitative easing (money printing). This piece was a low-grade political commentary, not a financial assessment of policy.

  2. With a comment like that i guess you have a select memory. The huge debt was caused by Bush tax cuts, increased military spending and starting 2 wars. How can logic be so illogical to some people?

  3. Colin is a socialist so its okay to spend like a drunken sailor.The fact is both are morrons in the economic realm.

  4. Obama raised spending by $500 billion per year when he took office. He doubled the annual deficit. The Bush tax cuts and military spending were all there before Obama took office. Colin, you obviously have no logic.

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