Markets Rally On Thin Volume

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Good news from China; Loonie as reserve currency?


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  1. Education? Put more “resources” into education? The dollar amount spent on U.S. school children is ASTRONOMICAL. And just look at the value we get for our money. Zilch.

    Now, I believe in actual education; I homeschool my kids. At my own expense, and pay taxes for everybody else.

    More government education is not what we need. ( **Rolling Eyes** )

  2. Home schooling your own kids doesn’t cost the govt money? I don’t think so. Who checks what you’re “teaching” your kids? Who does the final exams and marks them? You? A conflict of interest in what your darling kids know and your competence in teaching it to them. It’s like giving every kid in America their own paid teacher and pretending there is no cost. Cost effective? No! And I don’t guess half these Americans who are no longer available to contribute to the work force, all have education and math, science and arts degrees so they know the material and how to teach it. What we have is a bunch of rich, self-deceiving incompetents – lacking knowledge of the material and the methodology of teaching – pretending they are “teaching” rather than indoctrinating their kids. Let’s get a grip on the fat-headed egotism of this group of go-it-alone wasters and their socially-isolated and isolating view of the world and their self-imagined, magnificent contribution to it. As I sum it up, their contribution is worse than zilch, it is an immensely negative quantity of self-serving baffle gab. Hope this is not too harsh!

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