Apple Gets Peeled, A Buzz From Shilling

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Techs retreat ahead of fiscal cliff, ECB keeps rates low


3 Comments for “Apple Gets Peeled, A Buzz From Shilling”

  1. “…The derivatives crisis that WE created…” Funny how that royal collective ‘we’ surfaces whenever things go wrong (e.g., “WE need to roll up our sleeves”). I didn’t create the problem, did you? Why should WE feel obliged to bail out the individuals who create these problems? Why don’t WE lock a few up?

  2. Johnny Ancich

    I wonder why it never came up during the US election that not a single banker was jailed from the credit crisis they caused in 2008. Republicans are so stupid.

  3. The syndicate is neither a Republicrat nor a Demopublican phenomenon.

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