The Coming .com Metals Mania

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Could Palladium add punch to your portfolio?


5 Comments for “The Coming .com Metals Mania”

  1. Frank Peterson

    The mania already happened between the 2008 crash and early 2011. Some juniors went from 1 penny to 10 bucks. A few from 4 cents to 5 bucks.

    • David Smith


      Thank you for your comments, Frank. The “mania” to which you refer was a ‘reversion the mean’ for stocks, after the near-collapse of the global financial system, which took virtually everything down with it. Ironically, gold itself ended up on the year, at approx 4%, keeping its yoy rise intact – last year being year 12 of its consecutive annual rise. When the public (globally) truly gets involved, starting after a base being built above $50/$2,000 for silver/gold respectively, the rise in prices for many miners – from where they now are – could be on an order of magnitude. DS

  2. Since you’re apparently monitoring these comments, I want to use this opportunity to express my appreciation for, which played no small role in giving me the education that allowed me to take control of my financial future a few years ago. I left a lousy job, found new and better opportunities that don’t fence me in, and never looked back. Thank you!

    • David Smith


      Thank you for the kind words – which would mostly be directed toward David Morgan. I will be sure he sees them. David will be speaking Sunday/Monday 1.20-21.13 at the VRIC (Cambridge House Investment Conference in Vancouver. Should you be in town, try to get down and listen to him – He is a Keynoter, and also will be doing a workshop, plus he has a booth. If you would like to write to him, please consider doing so at and your comment will be forwarded to David Morgan.

      • Hi there,

        Thanks for the acknowledgement. I wanted to attend the Vancouver show, but had to drop out this time due to other commitments. I hope to attend this summer.

        Anecdotally, how did you find the attendance?

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