A Week Of Reversals

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Fed minutes spook markets, metals, currencies


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  1. Frank Peterson

    DOW near all time highs. Just the complete opposite of what you said Mr Hoye. Gold stocks near decade lows and going much lower. I see the Venture Exchange going to 500, Gold $1000, and HUI 100.

  2. Accumulate Junior Gold Stocks. :)

  3. DaveintheUK

    Yeah, Bob does need to explain why he was the last bear standing for a long time. He saw market downturn or crash coming in fall if 2009, fall of 2010 and fall of 2011 but was not quite as bearish in 2012. Well we did get some corrections within an uptrend, so he was far too bearish.

    He has since talked of a business cycle between 2009 and 2012 that is now rolling over, so there was a recovery that he didn’t predict, from 2009-2012. He had too defaltionary a view.

    To be contrite, he could tell us why he had that deflationary view and why it didn’t work out. Then we might all learn something to have a chance of spotting a 4-year recovery in future. (ie March 2009 Dow under 7,000, Feb 2013 Dow about 14,000).

    • DaveintheUK

      I must say that I have never failed to enjoy Bob’s weekly commentaires and miss it if he doesn’t do a show and is off somewhere else.

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