Bear Reality Check

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Are Canadian financials vulnerable?


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  1. damp squib

    Danny: The wronger I am the more strident I get!
    When she capitulates and turns bullish will be the sell signal.

  2. Robert Laden

    How about just looking at the calendar for investment decisions? It’s been almost four years since the last recession ended. Isn’t it just about time for another recession to start? Of course that’s very crude. You might have a five year cycle instead of a four year cycle.

  3. I guess I must have missed something damp…

    (1) over the last year and a half the CDNX is down 34%

    (2) over the last year and a half, the TSX is up less than 1% on a roller coaster ride where it has basically stayed in the negative the entire period of time, until recently.

    Just the facts.

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