Fed Hints At End To Infinite QE

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  1. John Berwick

    I’m agreeing with Daniell’s comments. I think Finacial Markets are much lke the weather, they are an average of fluctuations, both up and down, and the brokerages lives on those swings, instability creates commissions. As long as they can keep things unstable, investors will try to trade those swings for profit, so brokers will never preach stability, always “action”. That’s why “researching” is the necessary key to success and the better researchers are always the most successful. Far too many successful traders are being rewarded for information not available to the general investing public and it is most important to always make sure that ANY inormation which might affect valuations is always available to the investing public.
    That is what the regulators are trying to do, but with modern communications, it is very difficult to achieve that goal because researchers are monetarily rewarded for the exclusiveness of their research and keeping it from the general investing public has become their way of life. Most investors are not able to fully interpret the effects of all research and are forced to rely on their brokers for interpretation which means that choosing a broker is the most important decision they make. And, round and round we go!
    So, choose a rich broker!

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