Precious Metals Survival

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Five people to listen to if you want to invest wisely


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  1. Can i get those 5 names because he talk to fast.
    I can’t find few of them.
    Can you please send them to my e mail address above ?


  2. Denis, the “5 Giants” to which I referred are Jim Sinclair, Frank Holmes, Eric Sprott, Nolan Watson, and Frank Guistra.

    Thank you for listening to HoweStreet.

    • Bill Discher

      Hi David,
      James Turk is another person I follow closly. Would you include him on your list? Thanks, Bill

  3. Thanks !

  4. doug casey???

  5. David Smith


    Absolutely, James Turk is one of the Giants! The only reason I did not include James (and Doug Casey too) is that we would not have time to discuss more than 5 with the length of this broadcast.We may do another “5 Giants” down the line. If I was really pressed, I would have to list 12 – 15 Giants total.

  6. David Smith

    Yes, Cecil, Doug Casey is certainly a “Giant”. In fact, a strong case can be made that Doug is the “Doyen” of resource sector commentators – right there along with Ruchard Russell – by virtue of being “longest in the game” of the current crop of sector commentators. Please see my comments to Bill.

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