Rally, Rotation, or Ripoff?

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A look at the week’s market action


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  1. Ted

    Valid points about the juniors, in general.

    Market swings seem to be offsetting whatever valuation improvements possible from an improving real price. This could have something to do with too much speculation in April 2011 and then in September 2012.

    Reminds of a really bad Vancouver market–decades ago–before websites. A trader thought the disaster was ending and made a list of “penny dreadfulls” to buy. He phoned each one and if the phone was answered he hung up. Knowing the company was still alive he bought the stock. All near an important bottom.

    And this too shall end,



  2. Frank Peterson

    Venture Exchange down 50% in 2 years. Bob Hoye was right, there is a party for the juniors. Party for the shorts. Luckily I am one of those shorts. Still massive downside left. Get out before you go broke.

  3. Frank Peterson

    Mr Hoye,

    Keep on promoting the gold stocks. I am making more money shorting these stocks than anytime in my 25 years of trading. Did you see the gold sector today? 50% more selloff coming.

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