Court Rules on 9-11 BBC Conspiracy

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  • Michael Rivero – All wars are banker’s wars

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  1. Jr.Bush was only in office 8 months when Sept 11 attacks took place. Planning and installation of explosives took years in the making and media cover-up buyouts.Recall WTC1 and 2 came down from top down and reverse for WTC7. Clean break was given to Bill Clinton in 1996. Sad part is Tyflon Clinton has escape from being connected as the man (king pin) behand 911 attacks.
    Thing about Nano Thermate is a false leader. WTC 7 was brought down by standard bldg demo practices but WTC1/2 were brought down by semi nuke devices. Bill Clinton in his term approved the development of Concrete banker busting bombs. I’ll bet anyone,that these bombs were installed on each floors-look at the each exploding outward bam bam downward systematic explosions hurlling steel bombs 600 ft outwards. Not one fragment of body tissue was found. read this article : Monsters In Our Midst –
    The US, Britain, & Israel
    Commentary By John Kaminski

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