Could Information Sharing Lead To Torture?

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  1. Mr. Rivero has some very good information, but the way he twists it around and mixes with untruths – especially regarding Canadian politics – does not help his credibility. That is not to say that I do not agree with many things that he says. The whole OBL thing was such a disgusting lie. All we seem to get these days is lies, lies, lies. I listen to American radio sometimes for the political talk shows, and the mainstream discussion is absolutely clueless, with endless reinforcement of lies, lies, lies. The public is twenty years behind in sifting through all the layers of garbage. We in Canada are not much better, but I believe we are somewhat better. American leadership seems increasingly shrouded in psychopathy. We still have a government that responds to people in a somewhat rational way, Agenda 21 and other boondoggles at the local level notwithstanding. Thanks for fascinating discussion.

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