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Adrian Mastracci

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Adrian started KCM in the year 2000, applying sound strategies and practises to managing client wealth. Personally assisting clients in realizing their goals and becoming informed, long-term investors. He is Portfolio Manager and a member of the CFA Institute and the Estate Planning Council of BC.

KCM Wealth Management - Let’s reflect on the Olympians competing at Rio 2016. Huge praises for braving years of preparation, training and commitments. Striving and competing to be the very best in their chosen pursuits. Regardless of the outcomes. I especially appreciate long distance events like cycling, running, swimming and rowing. They demand a wealth of endurance and perseverance, […]

KCM Wealth Management - A look back at financial history for August 4th: 1790: US Congress enacts Alexander Hamilton’s plan to fund the public debt. That ends years of turmoil and haggling over the junk bonds issued by Federal and State governments during the Revolution. It makes government spending possible and gives birth to the American securities markets. ————– […]

KCM Wealth Management - “Retirement: World’s longest coffee break.” ~Author Unknown Over the years you’ve taken plenty of advice, saved and invested diligently. Now you and your family are knocking on retirement’s door or, perhaps, in its midst. The good news is the family members will likely live longer than before. The flip side is that more money may […]

KCM Wealth Management - Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Many stock market indices are hovering either at or near the top. Nearly three weeks ago practically all stocks were getting their wings clipped. Suddenly, interest in stocks has soared to lofty heights well above the clouds. The question becomes “how does one invest in stocks now that most […]

KCM Wealth Management - This is the best time in the investing cycle to ensure you’re making the right moves. Most markets are hovering near their highs, even after the turmoil. Your investing road has been a roller coaster chuck full of twists and turns. Much can still easily go amiss without you even trying. As you know, just […]

KCM Wealth Management - I was happily pursuing engineering studies during my university days. Then, in my third year, I discovered my new passion and began moving to finance and business. It turns out that engineering has allowed me to assist clients manage their nest eggs. Mixing engineering with wealth strategies pays dividends so, let’s dig deeper. What is […]

KCM Wealth Management - “Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.” ~James Bryant Conant, (1893 – 1978), American chemist. Investors are on edge about the prognosis for Brexit and the second half 2016. Plenty of disarray, uncertainty and chaos is gripping stock and bond markets. Brexit has become an unprecedented fallout event for […]

KCM Wealth Management - My investing premise: “Splitting family income is very beneficial. Take full advantage of all provisions that apply.” Think of income splitting in the same breath as your retirement planning. In my view, the two camps ought to fit like a glove to deliver the best value. Families are keenly interested in paying the least income […]

KCM Wealth Management - My investing premise: “Janet Yellen is telling us that the tools in the US Fed toolbox are very sparse. Further, the remaining tools are not effective.” Years of low interest rates have tied the Fed’s hands. Investing the precious nest egg will become more challenging. For my investing, I’m assuming no interest rate increases until […]

KCM Wealth Management - My investing premise: “Managing your nest egg by reacting to every market nuance is like slipping into quicksand.” Investors are keen to keep a watchful eye on headlines that move the markets. All in the hope of applying their findings to improving portfolio selections. Try as they might, investors often take on mission impossible. It’s […]
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